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Deaths, Births, Weddings, and Other Events

Calvin Underwood Killed in Truck Wreck Ref 1028
Carl Rosberg Killed Ref 1062
Caver Killed Ref 1092
Ernest Chattin Killed Ref 2064
George Irvine Killed Ref 2287
Harvie Maupin Killed Ref 2398
Italian Killed Ref 2637
John Bell Killed Ref 2690
Killed by a Train Ref 2770
Killed by Lightning Ref 2771
Killed in Action Ref 2772
Killed in War Ref 2773
Killed While Resisting Arrest Ref 2774
Little Boy Killed Ref 2873
Lumberman Killed Ref 2934
McComb Killed Ref 3027
Howard Galford Killed Ref 4291
Weiford Killed Ref 4363
Bank Cashier Killed Ref 4388
Killed Ref 4414
Fireman Eubank Killed Ref 4631
Killed by Train Ref 4650
Little Boy Killed Ref 4654
Three Persons Killed Ref 4971
War Killed
Watson Underwood Killed
Will French Killed
Wolf Killed

History of Greenbrier County Ref 1
Aunt Susie's Birthday April 16 2009 Ref 797
Aunt Zelda Ryder's 90th Birthday Party 800 Ref 798
Births Ref 4990
The Brills Surprise Birthday

JesseSharp Wedding Ref 2678
McNeelMcNulty Wedding Ref 3048
WileyBurns Wedding Ref 4796
Golden Wedding Ref 5053
Weddings 2 Ref 5175
Cal Price Wedding Ref 5188
Taylor Cosby Wedding
Vances Have 50th Wedding Anniversary
Wedding Anniversary P W Underwood
Wedding at Dry Branch
Weddings and Celebrations
Weddings x

History of Greenbrier County Ref 1
A Big Crowd Ref 564
A Big Fire Ref 565
A Big Flood Ref 566

Pioneer Days Ref 5341
Pioneer Days 1600 Ref 5342
Pioneer Days 1976 Ref 5343

Agnes Jones Memorial Ref 656
Alexander Memorial Ref 679
Edith Weiford Memorial Ref 2019
Eliza Ann Arbogast Memorial Ref 2046
James Bright Memorial Ref 2656
Kerr Memorial Ref 2763
Memorial for James K Bright Ref 3059
Memorials Ref 3060
Memorial Mrs. English Ref 4425
Memorial Tribute Ref 4426
Memorials of George Craig Ref 4539
Ruckman Memorial Ref 4676
Harding Memorial Ref 4927

A Tribute to My Mother-In-Law Ref 608
Funeral Tribute for J.W. Beard Ref 2254
Tribute to D. S. Syndenstricker Ref 4699
Tribute to George Beale Ref 4700
Tribute to Ms T.S. McNeel Ref 5029
Tribute to Captain McNeel
Tribute to Col Hannah
Tribute to D. S. Sydenstricker
Tribute to Our Flag