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Pocahontas Geological Survey A Ref 10
Pocahontas Geological Survey B Ref 11
pen/Pendletonhist Ref 66
WV History Pages from the WV Hillbilly Ref 96
A Bit of History about the Radabuaghs and the Buzzards Ref 568
A History of the 22nd Virginia Ref 581
A Little Bit of History from Friar's Hill Ref 584
Archealogy Requirements--Have they been met Ref 770
Augusta History Ref 791
Bartow History Ref 828
C & O History by Bill McNeel Part III Ref 1007
Cass History Ref 1074
Cunningham History Ref 1325
Davis History Ref 1836
Dehasss History of Western Settlements Ref 1865
Driftwood History Ref 1938
Early History Ref 1986
Early History II Ref 1987
Early WV History Ref 1997
Fam History Ref 2098
Fam History plus 1000 Ref 2099
Galford's HIstory of Lumbering Ref 2262
Hardesty's Early WV History Ref 2385
Harper History Ref 2389
Hill Family History Ref 2455
History of Edray Ref 2487
History of Hamilton Hill Ref 2488
History of Hillsboro alt Ref 2490
History of Knapps Creek Ref 2491
History of Minnehaha Schools Ref 2492
History of Minnehaha Springs Ref 2493
History of Minnehaha x Ref 2494
History of the Dunmore Community Ref 2498
History of the Dunmore Postofficex Ref 2499
History of the Edray Community Ref 2500
History of the Hillsboro Community Ref 2501
History of the Valley of Virginia Ref 2502
Indian History and Tradition Ref 2596
Kellison History Ref 2761
Lloyd Woods History Ref 2885
Local History Ref 2888
Marvin Chapel History and Supplement Ref 2996
McClintic History Ref 3021
McNeel History Ref 3043
Mis History Ref 3135
Misc History Ref 3143
Moore's History of Edray Ref 3174
Early State History Ref 4274
A Bit of History Ref 4373
History Ref 4928
History of Hillsboro--Wallace Ref 4929
History of Knapps Creek Ref 4930
Lewisburg History Ref 4935
More History Ref 4943
Greenbank Community History Ref 5138
History of Hillsboro Ref 5207
History of Knapps Creek Ref 5208
History of Edray Ref 5247
History of the Edray Community Ref 5249
History of the Hillsboro Community 1600 Ref 5250
The Gibson History Ref 5263
Vaughan's History of Pocahontas II Ref 5275
Vaughan's History of Pocahontas III Ref 5276
History of the Greenbrier Valley Ref 5391
Some School History Ref 5441
The Geological Survey of WV
Unwritten War History
Wanless History
Warwick Gay History
Waugh History
Webb HIstory
Western Virginia History
Whitman History
Woodell History
WV History
Yeager's History of Pocahontas Schools